Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be both overwhelming and joyous. Even if you host year after year, it is still a big deal and a lot of work. As a seasoned host, I will tell you that it definitely does get easier as you get into a groove, but I still worry about having the turkey cooked on time or forgetting the cranberry sauce. If this is your 1st year hosting then it can be a scary endeavor. Thankfully, you can Host a Stress-Free Holiday With Our Thanksgiving Checklist!

I would say that I am an experienced host. I entertain a crowd quite often. Even though I have the experience, I still have to plan the dinner and make lists. I am definitely not one to just wing it, I need to plan. I am going to share some of my tips and tricks to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.

host a stress-free holiday with our thanksgiving checklist

Here is how to host a stress-free holiday:

Creating a meal plan is essential

Creating a meal plan for Thanksgiving is essential! This is one meal that you really can’t just go with the flow. Create a meal plan, make a list, and shop in advance for whatever you can.

Use the few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to shop for non-perishable items. Don’t forget to take into account any dietary restrictions or allergies that your guests may have.

If you need some additional inspiration, check out my Pinterest Boards for some great ideas.

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Tip: The big day is not the time to start trying out new recipes! Use the time leading up to the holiday to try out any new recipes that you might want to incorporate into your meal.

Of course, you want to serve traditional Thanksgiving dishes that your family knows and loves. I also like to throw one new dish into the mix every year. Whether it be a new side item or a new dessert. You never know, it can become a new tradition!

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host a stress-free holiday with our thanksgiving checklist

You don’t have to do it all, let others help

I definitely have a hard time giving up some of the control, but this is a meal where I welcome any help I can get.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is a ton of work, costs a pretty penny, and is usually so stressful. Don’t feel bad about asking your guests to pitch in a bit. Now I am not saying to ask them to cook the turkey for you here! Most people have a signature dish that they actually love to cook and would be more than willing to bring.

This is where your meal plan comes in to play again big time. Do your best to “assign” each person an item or dish. This way you won’t end up with 4 pumpkin pies and no side dishes.

For example, I would provide the main course (the turkey) and some sides and desserts. Then I would ask everyone else to bring a side or dessert or drinks.

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Prepare as much as you can in advance

Prep, prep, and more prep! You will thank me later, I promise. Prepare as much as you can BEFORE Thanksgiving day.

Make any deserts or sides that you can and chop all of your veggies. Clean your house and set the table. Check your list and make sure you have everything that you need. The last thing you want to do is scramble to find a store that is open on Thanksgiving because you forgot to buy the butter.

How to host a stress-free holiday with our thanksgiving dinner checklist

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Last, but not least, take time to enjoy yourself

Remember that you put in all this work to prepare this amazing feast so don’t forget to enjoy it yourself. Take the time to enjoy your friends and loved ones. Keep everything else simple for the day. Like starting the out with these Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast.

Many years of hosting Thanksgiving dinners have taught me a lot! I hope my 12 tips on this Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist will help you host a stress-free holiday.

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From our family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!