About Us


Hey there! Thanks for checking us out!

We are the Santangelo’s. Let me give you a little background. Eric and I are high school sweethearts. Awwww… We dated all through high school and college, got hitched in our 20’s and the rest is history. Ancient history as my kids would say!

In 2008 we were blessed with twins, Eric and Gianna. They were born 10 weeks early so it was very scary at times, but they thrived! The first few years were tough as any family with twins would tell you. We basically just tried to get through the day to day in a foggy, sleep-deprived way. They are now 13 years old going on 25 I think. Oh boy, we are now into a whole different level of struggles if you know what I mean.  They both have very different interests and personalities.

In 2017, Food, Family, and Chaos was born! We started this page as a way to remember things we have done, places we have been, and just life in general. Let’s be real here, family life can be crazy and chaotic at times! Truthfully, it is not always family dinner together with perfect Pinterest cupcakes for dessert. And I’m going to say it first, that’s OK! We love to travel together as a family. We love to try new restaurants and recipes. We love to just live life. Is it always rosy and cheery? Definitely not! Some days we are all like passing ships in the night. We have had our share of meltdowns and tantrums and patience lost. But this is real life people! Nobody is June Cleaver.

Food, Family, and Chaos is all about family life, family travel, and our love of food. We give you the good, the bad, and the ugly! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy writing it. Happy Reading!!

Here’s a little more…

Meet Lisa!

I am a Doctor of Pharmacy by trade, a home chef by passion, and mother above all else. I was born and bred in the city and moved to the suburbs when I married Eric. That was a big adjustment for me.

I work almost full-time (32 hours) as a pharmacist. I always excelled in math and science so I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field when I was all grown up. Here’s a secret about me though: I wanted desperately to be a marine biologist after a vacation to SeaWorld. Then I found out you have to go into the ocean! I don’t know how I didn’t put that together before. Anyways, I have an irrational fear of sharks. I think I would die of a heart attack before it could even bite me if I encountered one. Obviously, you see how that aspiration didn’t work out:)

I love to travel. If I could do it for a living, I would. I love to cook and go out to dinner too. I love Pinterest (I think there might be an intervention needed). HaHa. I love camping, chocolate, and red wine sangria. I love my dog and my family.

I am definitely the planner in the family, whether it be travel or just everyday life. My love of talking is where the blog comes in. But I am very direct and have no problem telling it like it is!

Meet Eric!

Words that come to my mind when I think of Eric are techie, determined, artistic, musical, easygoing, and fun-loving. He is a Analytics Manager for a large telecommunications company and works full-time.

Growing up he was a DJ and has an incredible love of all music, but especially house music. He can play instruments, read music, and hear notes when our kids play instruments that all sound the same to me.

He owned a graphic design company for a long time so he is the backbone of the blog and does all the tech stuff that I have no idea how to do. He also takes most of the pictures for the site. He has a great eye!

Meet Gianna! 

She is sweet yet sassy at the same time. She loves music just like her daddy and chocolate just like her mommy!  She is on a competitive dance team for jazz, ballet, and tap. You will see her dancing around all the time even with no music on. She is caring, fun, easy-going, and loving. She wants to be a vet, dancer, or singer when she grows up. 





Meet Eric!

He is the wild child. He is daring, pushes the limits, outgoing, athletic, and imaginative. He has his black belt in TaeKwondo and competes in lots of tournaments.  He loves drawing, playing board games, and pretty much any activity that he can run around and be active. He loves traveling. Thailand is on his bucket list. No joke, he has had a picture on his wall since he was 4!  He wants to be a lawyer or doctor when he grows up.




Meet Jake and Oliver!

We LOVE our pets.  Jake is the sweetest, most loveable dog ever.  He loves literally everyone he meets.   He loves to go camping, to be lazy, and to just be with us. Oliver is a crazy bird. He babbles and talks all day. He loves hugs and kisses and popcorn!