Today is the day. Hershey Park, we are coming for you! We decided that one day at the park was sufficient for us because the kids were too small to go on a lot of the rides.

The park hours were 10am-10pm the day we visited so we grabbed a quick breakfast and planned to get there right at 10 am.

Hershey is currently running an “everyone pays kids price” promotion right now so the admission price is $41.95 for everyone. They have lots of packages that include hotel stays and other ways to save so check out their website before you go.

We stuck with mostly kiddie type rides: tea cups, airplane rides, etc.

Even though they were too small for “big kid” rides as they call them, they still had a blast!

Of course in our family, we always have the mandatory funny face pictures. I don’t think any of our vacations would be complete without them.

We ate lunch at one of the fast-food type spots in the park. Pretty standard fare: pizza, burgers, chicken fingers, and fries. The food was pretty good for amusement park food.

They offer an all day dining deal now for $29.65 which they didn’t have when we visited. You can eat all day at 10 different locations. I think that’s a pretty good deal if you plan on spending the whole day. Food is definitely not cheap, which is to be expected.

For your admission price, you also get admission to ZooAmerica. It is an 11-acre walk-through zoo connected to the park. This was a really nice added bonus.

I have no idea what animal they think they see here but they seem pretty interested. It was 2 whole minutes of them being nice to each other so I’ll take it!

We are definitely an animal loving family so we really enjoyed ZooAmerica.

This is my favorite picture of the day. Gianna is definitely a daddy’s girl!

One tip: do not underestimate the size of the park and how much walking you will do. Gianna and Eric were pretty much out of the stroller stage when we went but they definitely could have used one. Let’s just say it was a very miserable tantrum filled walk back to the car!

We spent most of the day at Hershey Park and really had a great time. Plan on more than 1 day there if you have older kids that can go on a lot of rides.

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