Today we are visiting the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was, by far, the favorite place we visited. Yes, we loved it more than the chocolate which is hard to believe.

Every exhibit at this museum is hands-on and interactive. This is almost unheard of for a museum. Even other children’s museums we have visited have not been totally interactive like this.

The museum was open from 9-5 the day we visited. We literally stayed there from open to close! We have never done that before. And the kids were begging to go again during our vacation, that’s how much they loved it.

Admission price is $19 for all ages. Children under 1 are free. They also have an actual indoor carousel! The price is $3 per ride.

They have an exhibit called “roadside attractions” where you can drive a bus.

Fix a car.

Or run your very own Italian ice stand!

There is a “river adventures” exhibit with all kinds of water play.

The “city capers” exhibit was Gianna’s absolute favorite. There was a huge play supermarket where we literally spent hours!

There is also a cute little hospital in this exhibit.

They have a lot of other exhibits along the way.

They even have a huge foot piano!

You can bring your own lunch or you can visit their cafe. They offer items like pizza, hot dogs, salads, and sandwiches.

I’m telling you, my kids could have gone there every single day of our vacation and they would have been happy with that. We had so much fun at the Please Touch Museum. This is a “must do” if you are in Philadelphia. Happy Vacationing!!