Hershey Chocolate World is a chocolate lovers dream come true! If you are at all familiar with our family then you know that Gianna and I have a love of chocolate like no other. We were super excited to see how it’s made!

Eric on the other hand, not too thrilled. HaHa…

The chocolate yumminess started at 9 am so we were there 1st thing. There is no price for admission and a 30-minute ride-type tour is included for free. It is a cute little ride that takes you through the journey of chocolate making narrated by animated singing cows. We loved it and went on it 3 times!  Remember, our kids are only 5. I’m sure an 11-year-old would not want to go on it 3 times. They also give you a Hershey chocolate sample at the end. Yum!

The tour is the only thing that is free at Hershey Chocolate World and you could very easily get sucked into spending $100s of dollars there so plan ahead. Set a budget and do your research on the website before you go. Trust me on this because your kids are going to beg to buy everything and do everything there!

We decided to do the make your own candy bar. The cost is $19.95 per candy bar and the process takes about 45 minutes. 

Of course, Gianna needed to take a sample of hers to check the quality I’m sure.

They also have a 4D chocolate mystery, a trolley tour, and a chocolate tasting experience which we did not take part in.

We spent about 2 hours there. I think that’s about all our wallets could afford! Like I said it can get expensive.

We had some lunch at a local restaurant nearby.

Can you tell we ate too much candy? Oh, my…

We happened to drive by a cute little park after lunch and decided to stop for an hour to let the kids burn off some of that sugar.

Then we got on the road for a 2-hour drive to Philadelphia to continue our adventure. Stopping for a snack along the way.

Here’s another good road trip tip. Grab a cheap cookie sheet before the trip. We use them for all kinds of things in the car; snacks, meals, activities, coloring, puzzles, etc.

We arrived at our hotel, The Holiday Inn Express in Warminster, PA around dinnertime. We decided not to stay in the heart of Philadelphia because we were going to go to other places besides Philly. So we chose a hotel that was centrally located about 30-40 minutes from all the places we would visit.

We checked in after a long day and chose to just relax for the night and order a pizza for dinner in the room.

Gianna decided she wanted to sleep in a sleeping bag for the night. I know, weird kids!

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