When my twins were born, 10 years seemed like a lifetime away. Now that they are almost 10 ½ I feel like it happened in the blink of an eye! How could this have happened…

In 10 years of motherhood, I have seen many triumphs and tantrums. And let’s be honest here, it has required a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Literally! It takes mad skills to keep these tiny humans alive.

It is bittersweet to think that this stage we refer to as childhood is almost over for them. I am torn, one day I want them to stay little and the next day I want them to pour their own dang glass of juice.

Sometimes I catch myself staring at my daughter that now stands over 5 feet tall and thinking “wow, my little girl is turning into a beautiful young lady.” And then I proceed to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. No, just kidding. But seriously, it does make me a bit teary-eyed at times.

When my son and daughter turned the big double digits I really made a big deal out of it, but they didn’t seem too impressed really. To them, it is just 1 year closer to being a teenager. As they say, “in 3 years I will be a teenager.” Can you see me shudder at the thought? Yes, I will have 2 teenagers at once. Say a prayer for me.

People always ask me how I survived having 2 babies at once. Yes, it was crazy and chaotic. But I loved the baby stage. Their fat little thighs and contagious belly laughs. Their 1 tooth smile and chubby little cheeks.


Now 10 happened.

What’s so weird about 10 is that there is a maturity developing but they are still grasping to childhood.

Ten is finally having some freedom and being able to ride a bike around the block alone but still forgetting backpacks at school some days.

Ten is being able to somewhat hold an adult conversation and make very valid points but still crying if their sandwich is cut wrong.

Ten is smelly armpits and sweaty feet. Ten is catching them checking themselves out in the mirror.

Ten is fighting to get them to shower some days and screaming at them to hurry up in the bathroom other days.

Ten is slamming doors and rolling eyes. Ten is regret for slamming doors and rolling eyes.

Ten is still wanting to snuggle in bed.

Ten is hugging mom and dad in public, but absolutely no kisses!

Ten is so freaking loud… from Xbox, to fidget spinners, to basketballs bouncing. Quiet down already.

Ten is crying over a missed step in a dance recital but dancing your heart out 10 minutes later.

Ten is lots and lots of questions. I mean like hard questions that you can’t fake through the answers. God, babies, puberty, politics to name a few.

Ten is watching Despicable Me one day and Thor the next.

Ten is wanting to stay little while desperately wanting to be a teenager.

So this is 10…