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What Moms Really Do When Their Kids Go Back to School!

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It’s time for our little monsters, little darlings that is, to head back to school! Yippidy do da! Whether us parents want to admit it or not we are secretly cheering inside. Seriously, I got to give some props to all those teachers out there. I really don’t know how they do it?!

Let’s face it, we are all fed up with summer. The car is full of sand from the beach, I’m sick of buying sunblock, and we lost half of the pool toys! I’m tired of all of the fighting over who is going to sit where on the couch and what they are going to watch on TV.

Yes, I will miss my kiddos when they go back to school, but I think I will get over it pretty quickly. Let all us parents unite in a cheer and toast to our good back to school fortune!

Here is what I do when my kids go back to school:

On the 1st day of school, I will do so many things! I always get over-excited and plan on doing all of the 100s of things I couldn’t accomplish all summer because I think I was refereeing a WWE match most of my days.

Do you know what happens? I start a bunch of projects that get nowhere because 6 hours feels like 5 minutes and it’s time to sit in that horrible school pickup line for the next 30 minutes already.

Oh well, try again tomorrow…

On the 2nd day of school, I vow to be productive! Do you know what happens? I spend 3 hours in Target looking at things I absolutely do not need because I have not been in a store by myself for 2 months without children fighting over who is going to push the cart. It feels like a vacation!

Oh well, try again tomorrow…

On the 3rd day of school, I will clean the whole entire house! Do you know what happens? I spend the day cleaning out all of the random junk my kids have collected over the summer and throwing that crap away.

My kids are pack rats I think. There are random ripped up pieces of paper that they swear they need. And random toys from kids meals that they never ever played with. God forbid I tried to throw them away! Once they go back to school I throw it all away. When they come home and look for these silly things just act like you have no idea what they are talking about. Needless to say, not 1 toilet was scrubbed today.

Oh well, try again tomorrow…

On the 4th day of school, I will again clean the whole entire house! Do you know what happens? What happens is they already have a darn day off. Really?! Forget it, I’m just gonna hire a maid.

Oh well, try again tomorrow…

On the 5th day of school, I will spend some time on ME! Do you know what happens? I apparently did not get my kids the right pencil cases that they wanted and it’s the end of the world. So I spend 1/2 my day driving around town looking for the right ones.

Oh well, try again tomorrow…

On the 6th day of school, I give up! I can’t seem to get anything done so I’m going to join the Bad Mom’s Club for the day. I’m going stay in my PJ’s half the day, take a nap, and maybe day-drink a glass of wine if I want to be really naughty!

Oh well, try again tomorrow…

On the 7th day of school, I’m going to the movies during the day all by myself! Remember, I gave up.

Oh well, try again next week… Maybe!

The lesson to be learned here is all you moms out there enjoy your free time while you can. In a few hours, the kids will be home and your evenings will be filled with packing school lunches and endless amount of homework that you don’t understand. Thanks learning, thanks. Happy Back to School!!

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