Let’s talk about all the ways that quarantine life is a never-ending summer break for moms.

Let’s be real here. Most moms do not wholeheartedly look forward to summer break. And this quarantine life we are living right now is literally like a never-ending summer break.

Let’s focus on the positives of summer break first. No more packing school lunches. Yay! No more helping with homework. Yay! No more finding Susie’s missing soccer shoe or cleaning out Jason’s disgusting backpack. Yay!

Summer break does have some really awesome advantages to it.

Now let’s get real. What parent is actually thrilled to have their children home ALL stinking day, ALL stinking summer? Raise your hands. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love my kids. But keeping them entertained all dang day is hard. And let’s not even talk about all of the food these kids consume in a day when they are home. They need to get their “school stomachs” back in action here.

Let us now compare summer break to quarantine life.

Remember all of those positives of summer break I talked about before. Take those all away! Because during quarantine us moms are the cook, the teacher, and everything else to these kids.

During quarantine, I have learned to cut hair (thanks YouTube), cook gourmet meals, and teach 6th-grade math that I still don’t quite understand. Some days I have also learned my lesson about why you shouldn’t day drink and then try to teach 6th-grade math. Are you feeling me yet?

Think about it. During summer break and quarantine, you still have to feed them. And I’m not only talking about cooking dinner here. I’m talking about 3 meals a day. Not to mention the 100 snacks a day they ask for.

Did I tell you how much I miss packing school lunches yet?

Those were the days when I could throw a sandwich, an apple, and a bag of chips into a bag and send them on their way. I’m not even gonna mention the days that I gave them money to buy school lunch. Heaven!

Boy, do I hope my kids get a better teacher next year than this quarantine teacher they have because she doesn’t know what the heck she’s doing. I have a doctorate degree, yet I have to reteach myself something every day to get through this homeschooling crap.

How many times in a day can someone ask “have you done your work for today?” Still counting over here. And the volume of my voice definitely increases with each day of homeschooling.

The endless amount of fighting between my kids is even more prevalent during quarantine than it is during summer break. At least during summer break, they can play with other kids. Right now they only have each other.


Did I mention how they are not very fond of each other right now?

He looked at me, it’s my turn to hold the remote, or I was sitting there is on constant repeat. Not to mention, the tattling is in full force. ALL DAY LONG! I swear I can hear it in my sleep. Or maybe they are just standing over me while I sleep whispering in my ear like subliminal messaging. I’m losing it…

Want to talk about screen time? Haha. All the rules have gone out the window during quarantine if I can get them to just be quiet for 10 stupid minutes. YouTube is your new teacher for the next 10 minutes kids, enjoy.

They are fighting, I’ll take screen time away today. I’m gonna do it. I swear. Then 2 hours later, what was I thinking? Screen time is back. Don’t judge me, Karen! Us moms are all here just trying to survive. Some days I am determined to take away all electronics, other days they are my best friends. It’s a real love/hate relationship.

Quarantine life does have some advantages over summer break though.

There is no running from place to place. No hosting playdates. No trips to the pool to hear “mom, watch this” 759 times in a 3 hour period.

Although summer break has its disadvantages for us moms, I am longing for summer days to start and this quarantine life to be over. I am longing for the trips to the beach, for the picnics in the park, and for the gatherings with family and friends.

The good times of summer definitely outweigh the bad times even though summer is not the most magical time of year for moms. During the summer swimming counts at bath time some days. And 200 snacks add up to 3 meals a day. Right?

Does anyone want a freeze pop? It doesn’t matter that you already had 5 today is the best thing a kid can hear in life.


This too shall come to an end. These endless days of quarantine hell will soon be over and official summer break will begin. And every mom out there will enjoy the long summer days of “watch this!

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Hang in there during this quarantine life: a never-ending summer break for moms.