Since I have started my very own blog I guess I have a larger appreciation for the mommy bloggers of the world. Reading the blog posts and following the social media of others gives me inspiration for my own blog. Most of all it reassures me that I am not alone in this crazy parenting life.

I have 5 favorite hilarious mommy bloggers that you need to check out. They make me laugh out loud at times. They bring a smile to my face. After all, don’t all us moms need some laughter in our lives after we ask our kids to put on their shoes 356 times in 10 minutes!

I will admit that some of these blogs are not for the faint at heart. Please do not read them if you are easily offended because sometimes they can be slightly inappropriate or they can make fun of the things that kids do. But this is what makes them so dang funny to me. They say it how it is and I am all about giving you the real deal of parenting. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lucky for you, I am going to share my top 5 funniest mommy bloggers with you. They are full of humor. Their Instagram may not be filled with gorgeously arranged cupcake photos. They are real-life mommies just trying to make it through kid filled life. So sit back with a cup of coffee, relax for maybe 5 minutes if the kids will let you, and enjoy these hilarious ladies. Try not to spit out your coffee!

My 5 Favorite Funniest Mommy Bloggers (in no particular order as to not offend anyone)

1. My Life Suckers

Deva is the creator of My Life Suckers and she creates the most hilarious parody videos, using popular songs, poking fun at mom life.

2. That’s Inappropriate

The name of this blog really says it all. Meredith really tells you how it is and yes sometimes says inappropriate things. She says the things that all us moms think in our heads but do not really say. She makes me laugh out loud!

3. Scary Mommy

Jill started this blog as a way to chronicle her life with her kids and it grew into a giant community of exhausted mommies. Her motto is parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. Even the titles of her recipes are funny like “How to Make Lasagna Like a Boss.”

4. Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

Susan makes light of the everyday craziness that is mom life. She has been featured in many publications and has even appeared on the Dr. Oz show. Some of her blog titles say it all: “Fighting back against mom brain,” and “Unproductive and it feels so good.”

5. Let Me Start by Saying

Kim has published 9 books. One with the title “I just want to pee alone.” I think that is every mom’s mantra! She actually has a post about Pumpkin Spice Lattes that made me question my obsession.

There are so many other hysterical mom bloggers out there. These ladies are just my favorites. So check them out when you have had your fill of cleaning up spilled juice and cutting the crusts off of sandwiches. Have a good belly laugh and remember that all us moms are in this together. There is strength in numbers, right? Happy Reading!!