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Adding a puppy to the family is hard work! Training is a definite must. I am going to tell you all about it in this Pupford Review.

Hang on a minute while I catch my breath here… Whew! Getting a new puppy is downright exhausting. Sure they are cute and fluffy and loveable. But they are also little terrors. I honestly don’t know what is worse. The pottying all over the house. The biting of, well, everything. Or just the sheer chaos that ensues on a daily basis.

pupford review

We welcomed Rosie to our family a little over a month ago and boy has it been a whirlwind adventure. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love her. But let’s be honest here, a puppy is a handful.

So of course in typical fashion, I have done my research. Because that’s my nature. I am a researcher. LOL During my research I stumbled upon Pupford. And let me tell you this site is so super helpful!

All dogs inherently want to be good and please their owners. It’s in their nature. They sometimes just need a little help to learn how to be well-behaved and what is acceptable behavior. And they also need to learn what you expect of them. They are not just born knowing that you don’t want them to eat that yummy-looking plant of yours.

***Tip: Just like a human baby, dogs need to learn how to basically do everything.***

That’s where Pupford comes in. Pupford helps pet parents with training and products that can overcome dog’s problem behaviors to help you raise a well-behaved doggo. Let’s talk a little bit about how they do this.

pupford review

Pupford Review: Training Treats

Pupford’s training treats have been a huge asset in Rosie’s training. We use them for everything from potty training to obedience training. They are small in size which is ideal with training because they can be eaten quickly and Rosie stays focused.

The training treats come in a variety of flavors. And with Pupford I know exactly what I am feeding Rosie because they are all made with 3 ingredients or less. Their treats are not filled with sugar and other junk ingredients. Best of all, each treat is less than 1 kcal so I don’t need to worry about excess calories.

Pupford Review: Other Treats

Pupford also has a variety of other treats. I love that they categorize their treats because it makes my life so easy. Remember, everything else over here is pretty crazy right now so easy sounds good to me. The back of each of their treat packs also tells you what category the treat is and even gives you some training tips.

pupford review

Their engage treats do just that, they engage your dog and in basic terms, they keep them busy for longer periods of time. All dogs love to chew, especially puppies. Puppies do not discriminate. They will chew on whatever their little razor teeth can. Your hands, your clothes, your furniture. See where I am getting at here? Engage treats give them something tasty and appropriate for them to chew on. The Beef Tendon Chews are her favorite.

Reward treats are just what it sounds like. These are like the creme de la creme of treats. They are the special treats we give Rosie for extra good behavior or when she is being “the goodest girl.” They even have dental chews to keep her breath so fresh and so clean.

Pupford Review: Pupford Academy

Pupford Academy has an endless amount of premium courses to help train your pup. Some examples of the courses you can take are Dog First Aid, Crate Training, and even Leash Walking. They have so many that you may not even think you needed them until now.

If you are interested in purchasing anything from Pupford click the link below and use my discount code (foodfamilyandchaos) for 10% off all purchases before 3/31/22.

Raising a well-behaved pup can be difficult and frustrating. But with the help of Pupford you can raise the dog of your dreams!

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Happy Puppying!!