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Explore the Bond Between Humans and Dogs in Amazon The Pack.

The phrase “Man’s Best Friend” is literally the perfect phrase for dogs! They not only offer us companionship, but they also offer us unconditional love and affection. They are kind and loyal beyond compare.

The Bond Between Humans and Dogs in Amazon The Pack

Our dog Jake has a special, yet different, bond with each member of our family. He interacts with all of us in different and loving ways.

He sees me as his mom who comforts and takes care of him. Loyal and affectionate towards my husband. Crazy and playful with my son. And sweet and kind with my daughter. He especially loves when she blows him peanut butter flavored doggie bubbles.

It’s amazing how he can read our personalities and interact with each of us so differently, but still have such a special bond with each one of us. Dogs truly are amazing animals!

The new Amazon Prime Original Series The Pack celebrates the unrivaled bond between dogs and their humans. Teams (dog and human) compete for a $750,000 prize, $500,000 for them, and $250,000 to the animal charity of their choice.

The Bond Between Humans and Dogs in Amazon The Pack

In order to win, the bond between the dog and their human plays a major role. The human and dog team will participate in fun and exciting challenges that will depend on their understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses. The winner of The Pack Amazon Prime video will prove that they have the strongest bond in the pack.

We will definitely be grabbing our popcorn, and doggy treats, of course, to tune in for the premiere of The Pack Amazon on Friday, November 20th. Jake loves to watch other dogs on TV!

In addition to the premiere, you can join in on the fun of the Packed Weekend. It is a 3-day event featuring deals and all kinds of fun experiences for you and your dog to enjoy together.

The Bond Between Humans and Dogs in Amazon The Pack

So have fun, and Watch The Pack on Amazon Prime Video on November 20th!

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Happy Watching!!