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These tips will help you set up your new fish tank in no time!

My kids have always wanted a fish tank ever since they were little toddlers wabbling around the house. I’ve got to be honest here though, I did not have much luck in the keeping fish alive department when I was younger.

Fast forward about 7 years to my twins being 9 years old. We go to a local county fair every fall as a family. They have all types of carnival games there and one of the games had a goldfish as a prize.

Of course, I let them play the game thinking they would never win since this is the case with most carnival games. Wouldn’t you know it, they won the dang fish! All of a sudden I became a fish mom. So we proudly carried our fish, who we lovingly named Sushi, all over the fair.

When we got home panic set in. I had no idea what to do or how to set up a fish tank. We quickly went to the pet store and bought a tank and some items recommended by the associate. Set it up at home and Sushi swam his little heart out.

Thinking Back…

I wish I had time to do my research and set up a proper home for him. So, I have teamed up with Mars Fishcare and API brand to give you some Tips on Setting Up Your First Fish Tank at home and how to care for your fishy friends.

Setting Up The Tank

The API brand has been in the aquatics industry for close to 60 years. They specialize in quality products that help people like you and me create and enjoy underwater worlds. Their passion for fishkeeping in unmistakeable. They have top of the line water conditioners, testing kits, fish medications, and food for Aquarium as well as pond fish.

Our family could not wait to set up Sushi’s new home! We started with a 10-gallon glass fish tank that we placed on a sturdy stand specifically made to support the weight of the tank. You can also place your stand on a flat and level piece of furniture. A 10-20 gallon tank is a good size for a starter tank.

Next, we rinsed all of the plants/decorations that we wanted to place in the tank as well as rinsing the gravel.

We filled the tank with our gravel and placed our plants where we wanted them. Then we added the filter and the water to the tank.

At this point, you would want to add your heater if you are planning on having a tropical tank. Since Sushi is a goldfish, he is a cold-water fish and doesn’t require a heater.

We then added API® STRESS COAT and Water Conditioner. API® STRESS COAT makes tap water safe for your fish friends by removing chlorine and heavy metals. It also reduces the stress to the fish from putting them in a new tank by up to 40%.

Now its time to add some API® AQUARIUM SALT. We added 2 Tablespoons for our 10-gallon tank. AQUARIUM SALT is a must for healthy fish. It improves gill function which makes it easier for your little fish to breathe.

The very last thing we add to our tank is API® QUICK START. This helps remove bacteria and allowed us to immediately add our fish to the tank.

I know, it sounds like a lot. But I promise you it was super easy. We had the entire tank set up and ready to go in under 40 minutes!

We carefully put Sushi in his new home and he was like a kid in a candy store swimming all around his new house.

Mars Fish Care and the API brand have so many other products that will help you to care for and maintain your new fish tank and pet fish. These are only a small few of their many great products. You can find all of the API brand products on their website.

We love our new little fish tank and I’m sure Sushi does too!

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Hopefully, these tips will help you set up a fish tank that will provide hours of enjoyment for your family!