School might be canceled right now. But you can still go on a virtual field trip around the world for free!

The technology we have today is truly amazing. We can take our kids all around the world and give them one of a kind experiences right from the comfort of the living room couch.

I have created a list of the absolute best virtual field trip for you to enjoy. So grab your coffee and enjoy your “visit.”

Animals at the Zoo

We are real animal lovers over here. As a matter of fact, every vacation we go on involves visiting animals in some way. There are so many zoos that offer live webcams so you can take a peek at the magnificent animals.

Pandas in the Zoo Atlanta

Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo

Hippos at the Cincinnati Zoo

Giraffe Feeding at the Houston Zoo

Check out the gorgeous giraffes at the Houston Zoo.

History and Museums

Museums and history may not seem like a kid favorite. But some museums offer fun virtual tours to keep those little minds thinking.

The Smithsonian Museum

credit: Smithsonian

The Smithsonian has some great virtual tours of their current and past exhibits.

The Louvre Museum in Paris

See the Mona Lisa up close and personal with a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum.

The Boston Children’s Museum

“Walking” through this museum tour is so real that it makes you almost feel like you are actually there.

World Wonders

Check out some of the wonders of the world that you read about in books but probably will never get to see.

The Great Wall of China

Walk 3,000 steps across the Great Wall of China without having to catch your breath.

Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the most remote islands in the world. Check out the giant statues that it is known for.

Yellowstone National Park

Take a look at the Grand Canyon and Hot Springs of Yellowstone National Park right from your living room.


Aquariums are another fun one for the animal lovers out there and these aquariums do not disappoint.

Georgia Aquarium

See a whale shark up close and personal on the Georgia Aquarium’s webcam.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel California

Check out the Jelly Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and watch the jellyfish float around.

National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium has live webcams and fun at-home activities to keep the kids learning. Keep your eye out for the blacktip shark.

Explore Space and the Stars

This is a great one for all of the space lovers out there. Explore planets and stars like never before.

Stellarium Web Planetarium

Explore over 60,000 stars and planets with the Stellarium Web Planetarium.


See the surface of Mars with Access Mars. No, really! See the surface of the red planet for yourself.

International Space Station Tour

See what life is like on the Expedition 33. Tour the laboratories, observation deck, and sleep quarters.

With the kids home from school, it feels like there is no place to go. Fortunately, these wonderful zoos, aquariums, and museums have opened their doors to us with their free tours and webcams.

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Before the cabin fever sets in, Go on a Virtual Field Trip for Free without ever leaving the house!