And just like that, with a blink of an eye, it’s almost Thanksgiving! How did this happen? Didn’t we just have the 1st day of school?! I luckily do not host Thanksgiving at our house. I do of course bring a dish to the person’s house that is hosting. With all we have going on this time of year I really need a shortcut dessert that is quick and easy. Betty Crocker® saves the day! I am going to doctor up a boxed cake mix to make these Adorable Turkey Cupcakes.

Here’s how to make these Adorable Turkey Cupcakes

Start with a box of Betty Crocker® cake mix and frosting in any flavor that is your favorite. I am going with Rainbow Chip flavor because my kids LOVE it.

Prepare the cupcakes according to the package directions. I really love how colorful this Rainbow Chip mix is.

Bake cupcakes and cool completely. Then frost with desired frosting.

They are just so fun and colorful!

While the cupcakes cool, dip your pretzels in white and orange candy melts. You will need 2 white and 1 orange pretzel for each cupcake.

Allow pretzels to harden completely on a piece of parchment paper. It does not take very long, about 10-15 minutes at most.

Now you are ready to decorate these cute little nuggets.

Top each cupcake with a plain donut hole. Using a tiny bit of frosting, stick the googly eyes to the donut hole. Insert a shelled sunflower seed gently into the donut hole for a nose. Stick 2 white and 1 orange pretzel behind the donut hole for the feathers.

Now you have cute little turkey cupcakes that were so easy to make and took no time thanks to Betty Crocker®. Eat up. Gobble, Gobble!!

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Happy Holidays!!