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4 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day!

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Dogs have unconditional love! They keep us company when we are lonely, cheer us up when we are sad, and celebrate with us when we are happy. They truly are man’s best friend. We love our dog, Jake. He is an 8-year-old Lhasa-Poo. So sweet, loving, affectionate, and wonderful! Jake loves everyone he meets. We take him everywhere, even camping. We celebrate Jake every single day, but here are 4 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day!

Here are some special ideas to celebrate your dog:

1. Throw a doggie party!

4 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day2. Pamper your pooch!

  • If your dog actually likes baths (Jake hates them), give them a nice warm bath and a doggie massage.
  • If you normally don’t let them sleep in your bed, let them have a special night snuggling in your bed

4 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day3. Get Outside!

  • What do dogs love to do? Run around outside. Get them some fresh air even if you live somewhere that has snow in the winter.

4 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day4. Teach them a new trick!

  • With a little determination, you can still teach an old dog new tricks.

Our dogs do so much for us, why not do something special for them with these 4 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day.

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Happy National Dog Day!!

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  1. Some great ideas to celebrate the pup in your life! I know I will be giving all my guys extra cuddles and kisses all day only National Dog Day!😊❤️🐶

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