We took our 10-year-old twins to their very first concert over the summer and they had a blast. It was a concert held by a local radio station, Kiss 108. This is our favorite station and really the only one we listen to in the car. They pretty much play Top 40 Pop music.5 tips for your tweens first concertI felt like they are finally at the age where they can enjoy a concert and where things will not be totally inappropriate for their age. I do have some helpful tips that I would like to share with you.

5 Tips for Your Tweens First Concert:

1. Go to a music festival type of concert (kid-friendly)

An all-day music festival is a great option for kids this age because there is so much variety that there is no way for them to get bored.

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2. Pack snacks if the venue allows

My kids are still at the stage where they want a snack every 5 minutes. At $9 for a bag of popcorn, you can blow through $100 in the 1st 30 minutes! Plus the food is super unhealthy. Check the venue’s website and see what they allow you to bring in. If they allow outside food and drinks then definitely pack a small cooler with water and snacks.5 tips for your tweens first concert3. Get boxed seating if they have them

I know, it’s expensive. This is where you should splurge if you can afford it. Concert seating is crowded and they can pack you in there like a bunch of ants. Most kids are not fans of crowds, especially when everyone is hot and sweaty. Yuck! Having a little bit of our own space for breathing room was definitely awesome.

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4. Buy your concert bling online BEFORE you go

It was $40 for a t-shirt at our concert. Multiply that price by about 8-10 performers. Our kids wanted a t-shirt for every single one. Of course, I would never buy them 8-10 t-shirts, but the prices were out of control. Shop online for some cool concert attire before you go and get it for 1/2 the price.5 tips for your tweens first concert5. Leave midway through the last song

Yes, you spent a small fortune on these tickets. Yes, you want to get your money’s worth. Trust me, it is worth missing a few minutes of the last song to save you hours trying to exit the parking lot with 2 exhausted kids.

There you have it, 5 great tips for your tweens first concert.

Here are the highlights from our concert

We had such an amazing time at our first concert. Follow my 5 tips and I am sure you will too.

5 tips for your tweens first concert
5 tips for your tweens first concert