Every family could benefit from some family fun time. Am I right? We all get caught up in the day to day craziness, work, school, after-school activities. Just the everyday madness trying to raise these tiny humans! We can forget the fun side of ourselves when we are checking off all of our to-do’s.

Because of this, our family is going to do this awesome family fun challenge and we would love for you to join us. It’s full of fun activities that will make some awesome memories. It does not have to be done all in 1 month or on consecutive days, just do it on your own time. Print it out HERE and stick it on your fridge and have FUN! Who’s in for the challenge with me?

Here’s how it works: Pick an activity, any activity, and just have FUN! That’s it. If you post about it on social media, use the hashtags #foodfamilyandchaos and #familyfunchallenge so we can all follow along with all of the fun. Dive in!

1.  Build a Fort

Pull out all the blankets and pillows and build a fort in the living room. I don’t mean let your kids build a fort, I mean you build it too. Climb inside and actively participate. Your kids will love it!

2.  Play Hairdresser

Play hairdresser even though it feels like they are ripping your hair out strand by strand. HaHa

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3.  Dance Party

Have a dance party in the living room. If you really want to make it extra special then choreograph a dance that you can all do together. The sillier the better.

4.  Family Game Night

We love playing board games over here even though playing monopoly with your kids is as painful as going to the dentist! Let the kids pick and play whatever they want with no complaints from mom or dad.

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5.  Go Bowling

If your bowling alley has cosmic bowling then that’s even more fun.

6.  Backwards Day (dessert for breakfast, breakfast for dinner)

We have done this once before and my kids thought having ice cream for breakfast was the best thing since the invention of sliced bread!

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7.  Family Movie Night

Pop that popcorn and settle in for a family movie night. Some of our favorites are Moana, Journey to the Mysterious Island, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

8.  Make Snow Paint

You can pick up some cheap spray bottles at the store and fill them with water and food coloring. Send the kids outside to make a masterpiece.

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9.  Kids Cook Dinner

Believe it or not your kids can cook dinner or at least help. I know it ends up taking extra time when there are little ones in the kitchen, but they love it so just be in the moment and forget about the messes.

10. Indoor Picnic

Throw a blanket and a bunch of pillows on the floor and have a picnic indoors. If it’s cold outside and you have a fireplace you can even make some s’mores!

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11. Take Selfies and Use Funny Filters

I promise you that these pictures will make you laugh every time you look back on them.

12. Visit a Pet Store/Shelter

All kids love to visit animals, right?

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13. Scavenger Hunt

Even if you just hide stuff around the house and give them clues to find them, it doesn’t have to be elaborate.

14. Pajamas Day

Have a lazy day and stay in your pajamas all day. No need to twist my arm with this one!

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15. Make Play-Doh

Here is a fun recipe.

16. Make a Craft

Search Pinterest for some fun craft ideas.

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17. Play Dress-Up

This means you too mom. Pull out a fancy dress and some heels maybe and load up on all the costume jewelry you have. The kids will surely get a kick out of it.

18. Go on a Nature Walk

Even if it’s cold outside you can still go on a quick walk. The fresh air does everyone good.

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19. Read That “Extra” Bedtime Story

Give in to the “just one more story” request. Maybe even make it two more stories just for the heck of it.

20. Make a Movie

There are so many apps that you can download and make silly movies. Have the kids plan out the storyline and everything.

I can’t wait to do the Family Fun Challenge and to see all of your pictures! Remember to use the hashtags #foodfamilyandchaos and #familyfunchallenge to share all of your family fun. Have FUN!!