It’s the most wonderful time of year! We have all heard that saying right? You know what I hate most about this time of year? That my living room looks like Toys R’ Us just threw up in it! My kids get so many toys that they end up not even playing with half of them. I’m sure all of you can relate to this. I am not being a bah humbug here. I am not saying that I will not buy my kids toys for Christmas. What I am saying is that I would love to also buy them some non-toy gifts as well. So I put together a list of my favorite non-toy gift ideas. Hopefully, I can give you some inspiration!


Subscription Boxes

My kids love getting subscription boxes! There are some really great ones out there to cater to whatever your heart fancies. There are science boxes, cooking boxes, building boxes, and the list goes on… There really is something for everyone. Here are a few of our favorites:

HOOT for kids

Box of Challenge

Walt Life

Little Passports




All kids love to read. I think they are just born with the love. Books do take up space too but having books around the house encourages reading and learning. Sounds like a Win-Win to me! You can search Pinterest for some great suggestions based on your child’s age. Here is a list of some of our favorites!


Coloring/Drawing Supplies

What a great idea for the budding little artist in the family! We love to color and draw in our house. Now that my kids are older they might literally spend hours carefully detailing a drawing or picture. Here are our favorite colored pencils, drawing paper, coloring books, and markers.


Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions like Highlights High Five or Ranger Rick can make learning so much fun. An added bonus of magazine subscriptions is that kids love getting stuff in the mail that is addressed just to them.


Gift Cards for Treats

We all try to feed our kids in a healthy way. This means that an ice cream or a special treat is only had on occasion. My kids love getting gift cards for a special treat that they can choose to use whenever they want.


Craft Supplies

I swear when my kids were small they could spend hours on end just playing with glue. HaHa. Craft supplies are always a big hit and they make kids use their imagination to create things. This giant craft jar is a great option. Word of advice: don’t get glitter! In fact, never buy glitter. It’s just a disaster waiting to happen no matter how old your kids are.


Makeup Subscription Boxes

This is a great one for pre-teens or teen girls. Subscription boxes are a great way to introduce them to the wonderful world of makeup. Julep has a great one for $24.99 a month and they are always running great deals.


Cookbooks/Cooking Supplies

Cookbooks and cooking supplies for little ones who love to be in the kitchen. Chef Gino has a great book, Taste Test Challenge. The Junior Chef 35 piece kids cooking kit is great too.

There you have it! 8 awesome non-toy gifts for kids this Christmas. Don’t worry, they will love these gifts just as much as toys. Merry Christmas!!