We are a family of music lovers. We love all kinds of music and we each have our own preferences for our favorites. There are different types of music playing depending on our moods or the time of the day. For example, top 40 music is our go-to playlist when we need some energy or want to have a dance party in the living room. Jazz music is the playlist for dinnertime. We listen to classical a lot during times when we need help focusing, like homework time. This is why I was so excited to discover André Rieu’s “Shall We Dance.” *Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with #AndreRieu to help spread the word about the new “Shall We Dance” CD/DVD which is available 10/6. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at AndreRetailor or with the appropriate manufacturers.*

André Rieu’s mission is to bring classical music to the masses. He is a violinist and orchestra leader who has sold over 40 million CDs and DVDs and been #1 on classical music charts worldwide.

The André Rieu CD and DVD from Decca Gold is available and has an exclusive version at Target which features bonus tracks “Music of the Night” (from the Phantom of the Opera) and “Lara’s Theme” (from Dr. Zhivago.) The original version is also available for purchase HERE.

“Shall We Dance” tracks include:

  1. Second Waltz

  2. The Blue Danube

  3. And The Waltz Goes On

  4. Godfather ( Main Theme)

  5. Strauss & Co Medley

  6. Love In Venice

  7. Radetzky March

  8. A Time For Us ( Romeo & Juliet)

  9. Zorba’s Dance

  10. Edelweiss

  11. Carnival Of Venice

  12. Bolero

  13. My Heart Will Go On

  14. Time To Say Goodbye

  15. Music Of The Night ( From Phantom Of The Opera) (Target Exclusive)

  16. Lara’s Theme ( From Dr. Zhivago) (Target Exclusive)

DVD content is André Rieu at his concert in Schonbrunn, Vienna. There is also a 10-part series you can watch on Ovation TV.

I love the “Shall We Dance” CD. I play it while I cook dinner and my daughter and I dance all around the house like we are competitors on our favorite dance show. One of my favorite tracks is “My Heart Will Go On.” I saw the Titanic probably about 20 times as a young adult and it was my favorite movie. This song holds a special place in my heart.

The kids’ favorite track is “Time to Say Goodbye.” It reminds them of a vacation we took to Disney World because it was playing in Cinderella’s castle while we ate dinner. It was a magical experience for them and listening to this song helps them imagine that they are surrounded by princesses again.

André is also going on tour! You can buy tickets HERE.

US Tour Dates:

10/19 – Phoenix, AZ

10/20 – Las Vegas, NV

10/21 – San Diego, CA

10/22 – Los Angeles, CA

10/24 – San Jose, CA

10/25 – Sacramento, CA

10/26 – Fresno, CA

10/28 – Tacoma, WA

10/29 – Portland, OR

11/1 – Tampa, FL

11/2 – Orlando, FL

11/3 – Sunrise, FL

High Impact.

I hope you enjoy André Rieu’s “Shall We Dance” CD as much as we do. Go ahead and have your own dance party in your living room. Happy Listening!!