We are continuing our Pennsylvania road trip to our day 6 adventure at the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania. This is the farthest destination, about a 45-minute drive, from our hotel so we grab a quick breakfast and get on the road early in the morning.

As we arrived we saw the most adorable giant Crayola crayon sculptures. The kids were screaming with excitement and could not wait to climb all over them!

The admission price is $19.99 at the Crayola Factory for ages 3+, but you can save $2 if you buy them online ahead of time. They have 28 hands-on attractions to enjoy. Some of the attractions are Art Alive, Color Magic, Drip Art, Meltdown, and much more. They even have a crayon factory where they do a cute little demonstration on how crayons are made. I liked that it was definitely geared to children.

You can create a fun keepsake in the Wrap It Up area. You can personalize and print your very own Crayola crayon with your favorite color and even print your name on it.

There is a Model Magic area where you can make your own unique sculpture. We definitely spent the most time here. My kids love playing with Model Magic.

The 3-D art maker area brought our pictures to life.

And we even designed our very own markers too!

We spent about 3 hours there and had a fun time. I would have to say that out of all of the places that we visited on our road trip this was definitely my least favorite. It was very, very crowded and I was constantly afraid of losing my kids. Another thing that wasn’t really my cup of tea was that most every activity required some sort of reading and my kids were not able to read at the time of our visit! They got frustrated because even though we were helping them they still got confused at times.

We grabbed a quick lunch at a local cafe after the Crayola Factory and then headed back to the hotel for our last night of vacation.

We got a little last minute swimming in at the hotel. Swimming is always the favorite thing for my kids. In fact, instead of spending all this money on vacations we should just book a hotel down the street from our house and just let them swim in the pool for the week! HaHa… They would be happy as can be.

This kid kills me! The next morning we headed home. We had an awesome week on our Pennsylvania road trip and we can’t wait to do it again. Happy Traveling!!