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Disney Dinner: Peter Pan!

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Disney vacations need to be planned way in advance. We planned our last Disney vacation over a year in advance. It seemed soooo long away…

To keep the “Disney magic” alive I planned what I call Disney dinners. Every month leading up to our vacation I picked a Disney movie and planned a dinner based on it. We eat dinner and watch the movie together. This really helped the months go by leading up to the trip.

This Disney dinner I chose Peter Pan. Here is the menu:

To make the menu I just searched for some Peter Pan clip art. I typed up the menu in Adobe Photoshop and added the clip art.

We had Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Pizzas. French bread pizzas that I made from scratch, but you can just use the frozen kind you can grab at the grocery store. The ship masts are barbecue skewers with sails cut out of white poster board paper.

I used the same skewers and just put some berries and grapes on them for the Peter Pan fruit skewers. The Captain Hook breadstick are just Pillsbury breadsticks from the can in the dairy section of the grocery store shaped like hooks.

We drank Pixie Dust Punch with Floating Islands which was blue Gatorade with a dollop of cool whip. The cannonball dessert was just vanilla ice cream scooped into ball shapes and covered in chocolate sprinkles.

After dinner, we watched the movie and had snacks.

This does not have to be crazy expensive! I bought all the props and decorations at my local Dollar Tree.

The kids loved dressing like pirates!

Whether you are going on a Disney vacation or not, you can have a Disney dinner. It’s so much fun! Who doesn’t love Disney movies, right? Happy Disney Dinner!!

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