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10 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Go Camping!

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I am a true city girl. I never went camping as a kid. Heck, we didn’t even have grass in our backyard! Eric had to do lots of convincing to get me to try camping.

We camped for 1 night in a tent when the kids were 3 or 4. I have to admit, the tent thing was not my cup of tea. But being in nature was a breath of fresh air so to speak. We bought a camper the next year and go “glamping” every weekend for 6 months of the year!

You can disconnect from the world if you want, reconnect with your family, see and experience breathtaking sights.

Here are some of our favorite pictures that may just convince you to give it a try!

Breathtaking… Nature at its finest!

So relaxing! I think it’s something to do with all the fresh air.

Family bonding time, need I say more.

Stargazing… the stars just look bigger and brighter in the forest for some reason.

It’s one of the very few vacations where you can bring your dog. Jake loves camping!

My kids have made forever friends.

Kids learn to play how we used to play, before electronics.

You can continue a tradition and teach your children something that was taught to you. Eric loves to teach little Eric how to fish.

There is a saying, “Life is better around a campfire.” Yes, it is!

You can find so many hidden gems!

We have had experiences of a lifetime and made so many cherished memories. No matter how you do it, in a tent, in a camper, or in a cabin, just do it. Your children will never forget it. Happy Camping!!

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