Next time you take a trip to Boston you need to go to the all-chocolate buffet at Cafe Fleuri. Yes, I said all-chocolate buffet!  It is a chocolate lovers dream come true.

It is an all you can eat chocolate buffet at the Langham Hotel in Boston. They have it every Saturday from September through June. Pricing is $45 for adults, $35 for children. I know that’s pretty expensive but we went for a special occasion.

They have a different theme every year. This year’s theme is “Captivation of the Senses.” It promises to take guests on a journey through the 5 senses. They have literally 100s of chocolate concoctions.

Everything you can possibly think of. There are chocolate pastries.

Plenty of chocolate candies.

A station that makes crepes with all kinds of yummy chocolate and fruit toppings.

They have an ice cream station with dozens of chocolate mix-ins that they mix into chocolate ice cream.

There are chocolate covered strawberries which I think Gianna ate ten of. Haha

Yes, even a chocolate fountain!  I mean seriously…

They have salty things like popcorn, potato chips, and warm mixed nuts to eat in between if it’s getting to be too much chocolate.

I love chocolate!  No, you don’t understand. I think if I was deserted on an island and had to choose to eat only 1 food the rest of my life, it would be chocolate.

I ate so much chocolate when I was pregnant that I think Gianna inherited my “chocolate problem” in the womb!  She loves chocolate just as much as I do.

This was her face with her first bite. She was in heaven!

We had such a great mommy-daughter time together!

I will warn you that we both came home and needed to take a nap. Boy was that sugar crash a hard one!

If you can’t make it to Cafe Fleuri anytime soon, try these yummy chocolate molten lava cakes at home.

Happy Eating!!