Naples, Florida has so many amazing restaurants that is is very hard to choose where to eat on vacation. We have 3 basic requirements when deciding where to eat:

1. Family friendly: it can’t be all fancy and uptight and most of all quiet. My kids have issues with inside versus outside voices!

2. A varied menu:  we all have very different tastes and likes so there needs to be a varied menu. For instance, I do not eat seafood. I know, I can hear everyone gasping. So we would not choose somewhere that only has seafood on the menu.

3. Not too pricey: Don’t get me wrong here, I am not expecting fast food type pricing. But we are a family of 4 so I am looking for reasonable. We wouldn’t choose a restaurant with $50 steaks on the menu.

Here are our 3 favorite Naples, Florida restaurants:

1. The Crust Pizza

We love this place so much we ate here twice! They have the most amazing pizza, unlike any kind I have every had. It’s thin, it’s crispy, and it’s delicious! I think I might have a little drool going down my face right now just thinking about it.

They have 2 locations in Naples. We ate at the Trail Blvd. location. The other location is only open for dinner so plan accordingly. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with very industrial and rustic decor. Which I love.


They have pizza, subs, and salads. A small cheese pizza is $12 and a large cheese is $18. Pretty reasonable! It is $1-$2.50 per topping so beware of how many toppings you get if you are on a budget, you could easily end up with a $30 pizza. No Bueno! They cut the pizza into cute little squares instead of slices. We chose a large cheese with 1/2 pepperoni. The pepperoni was so deliciously crispy. Here is a pic, get your napkins ready for the drool:

We also got a small pizza with feta, chicken, garlic, and banana peppers which my husband said was amazing.


This restaurant has great food with an even better location!  It is located in Tin City which is an area in Naples with lots of little kitschy shops and restaurants.

It is right on the water and has all open windows. There is a beautiful breeze and view.

They have lots of different options on the menu from salads, to pasta, to seafood. Eric got the fish and chips, which was giant and delicious.

I got the chicken tacos which were spicy and amazing. The kids menu has the usual fare like chicken fingers, hot dogs, and pasta. Score for us: kids eat free with an adult purchase! Every little bit saved helps right.

Make sure you leave some time to browse around the little shops after and maybe grab some ice cream for dessert!

3. The Gypsy Island Cafe

We chose this one based on a recommendation of the captain of a boat tour we were on. That’s a great tip, ask the locals. You are likely to find a hidden gem! They have salads, pizza, chicken wings, and lots of seafood choices. They do not have a kids menu in case that is a dealbreaker for you. Gianna and I shared the wings (yum!) and a caesar salad. Eric got the fried seafood and little eric got pizza.

Since we are all about keeping is real here on Food, Family, and Chaos, we almost had a slight meltdown over the pizza. Heaven forbid they put parmesan cheese on Eric’s pizza! Little does he know it’s on every pizza he eats, it is just melted in. He could see it on this one. Ugh, kids!

I am sure there are many other great places to eat, these are just our favorites. Happy Eating!!