Oh, parenting… It’s the hardest job you will ever have! But it is oh so rewarding. It’s crazy and stressful. Here’s some laughter to help you through the day.

Thank goodness for microwaves is all I have to say. Also, never plan on eating a hot meal again! After you cut up everyone’s food and pick the microscopic pieces of basil out of the tomato sauce, your dinner might as well be frozen.

When will I be able to take more than a 5-minute shower? Some days I feel like I need to choose which leg to shave instead of both!

Why is it so funny when your 2-year old says a swear word? The struggle not to laugh is for real!

This must be true because my kids could fight over a blade of grass for crying out loud.

I swear, no matter what I ask my kids to do it is like its the end of the world! The simple request of “put your shoes where they belong” or “throw away your napkin” could lead to them throwing themselves to the ground!

Remember, this is only a temporary time in your life and don’t forget to laugh about it sometimes.

Some days I amaze myself, other days I put my purse in the fridge!