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Back to School Traditions!

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What is happening? Every store I go to is in full on back to school mode! Did I miss something? Didn’t summer just start!

Since everyone else is doing it I might as well jump on the back to school bandwagon too. This time of year can be so stressful for both the kids and the parents. Why does there have to be so many different notebooks? One kind would be just fine with me!

First things first, we always buy new backpacks and lunch boxes. By the end of the year those things are so disgusting that I feel like I might need to use rubber gloves just to clean them out! It always surprises me to find that rouge crusty piece of leftover Mac and Cheese in the weirdest place. Yuck!

Here are some of our back to school traditions. We would love to share them with you. Maybe these activities will add some fun to this time of year and ease you into the school routine.

On the 1st day of school, we always take a picture of the kids holding a sign that signifies what grade they are going into.

I bought the picture frames my local Dollar Tree.  We just reuse them every year. Search Pinterest for “back to school printables,” print one out that you like, and just slap it in the frame. If you are computer savvy you can even design your own. I do not have an artistic bone in my body. My kids even make fun of my stick figure drawings. Needless to say, I chose one from Pinterest.

The other tradition we have is a special back to school dinner on the 1st day of school. I make their favorite dinner and pick up some decorations that keep with the school theme. I also buy them a few little cute school supplies like the monster highlighters. Adorable!

I bought everything at Dollar Tree and at Target in the spot section.

I always keep it a surprise and decorate while they are in school. They are always so excited to come home and see it. They were most excited that I put out the “fancy glasses” that are usually off limits. Haha

Transitioning from those lazy summer days back to school mode may seem daunting. Hopefully, you can incorporate your own back to school traditions into your routine to make it a little more fun. Happy Back to School!!

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